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Terms and conditions

INSPIRAL BALLET TERMS AND CONDITIONS ADMISSIONS Students are admitted based on their suitability, talent and potential. After a trial assessment, the Directors will decide which class level will be most suitable for each individual. Classes...


Our Approach Our organisation is helping dancers to achieve their full potential by teaching them a clean postural alignment of the all ballet positions and movements with an artistic focus. Learn more Dancers will achieve...

Terms and conditions



Students are admitted based on their suitability, talent and potential. After a trial assessment, the Directors will decide which class level will be most suitable for each individual. Classes will have between 6 to 18 students with no less than 6 pupils per class, if the number decreases to less than 6 the Directors reserve the right to terminate the course.

Inspiral Ballet promotes diversity, tolerance, and respect for individual students irrespective of their social, racial or cultural background, we respect every religious or cultural need. We do not discriminate any person based on their age or gender. Parents will be asked to disclose any disability that their child has, Inspiral Ballet is committed to supporting those who have disabilities.

ANTI-BULLYING & CYBER-BULLYING POLICY                                                                                              We demonstrate a code of conduct where parents, students and staff treat each other with respect, showing care and support for each other in a friendly and safe environment, Therefore we are making clear to everyone that bullying of any kind(verbal, physical or cyberbullying is unacceptable). Our policy will not only take bullying as a serious offence but also will take steps to prevent it.

Dance is a physical activity with lots of anatomical specification. Physical contact in dance is a tool used between teachers and students during class that’s essential to training. Teachers of Inspiral Ballet will make physical contact,i.e to adjust a posture, illustrate a correct execution of a movement or demonstrate correct alignment. Our policy will ensure that all teachers treat physical contact with significant sensitivity and care that it demands. Contact will never be forceful or inappropriate and will always be mindful.

Inspiral Ballet reserves the rights to use student images of those who have given written parental consent to update social media ie Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We will use images of students for printed material or online marketing or any other promotion that we launch.

Parents are not permitted to take photographs of or film their children during open classes, exhibitions or performances. Inspiral Ballet will take pictures of students participating in exhibitions and performances, this will be made available to the parents/guardians. Students are not permitted to take photographs or film themselves or fellow peers during classes, performances or exhibitions. Our policy is to ensure the safety of all our students. We make sure all images are reflecting the hight level technique and aretistry we are constanly working towards.

All parents are responsible for signing and submitting personal information including emergency contacts, medical records, or any other important information and to advise Inspiral Ballet of any changes.

The health and safety of all students is the highest priority of Inspiral Ballet. We ensure that regular assessments of each venue are made to prevent accidents as well as checking on the in house policy used in each venue.

PARENT GUARDIAN SAFEKEEPING:                                                                                                               Our policy is to ensure the safekeeping of each of our students therefore:

  • A register will be taken in each class
  • Each student will be released at the end of the lesson to the nominated parent or guardian
  • For students traveling back home alone under 14 years of age, a written notice from childs parent or guardian is needed in advance
  • Charges apply if parents are late to pick up their child
  • Parent/Guardians must make sure students arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class as our
  •  locations do not have waiting areas
  • Students must be collected by a parent or guardian no longer than 10 minutes after the class finishing time, as most of our locations do not have waiting facilities

Parents/Guardians will be provided with a class timetable for each term, if for any reason, the timetable changes an email will be forwarded to each parent/guardian.

All students are expected to take part in our school shows and presentation classes, if for any circumstances this is not possible prior notice will be required. Inspiral Ballet will expect full commitment to all rehearsals by students, failure to do so will result being withdrawal from a show.

Inspiral Ballet offers private tuition blocks to those students interested in improving technique, artistry and understanding their anatomical bodies in motion. Time schedules for individual lessons will be only discussed between Inspiral Ballet and the student, parent or guardian. Nominated teachers will be assigned to those lessons.

All payments for fees will be submitted before the beginning of each term, late submission of payment will incur additional charges. Payment for classes that students do not attend will not be refunded by the school.

Girls:Leotards, pink tights,skirts,pink canvas demi-point shoes or point shoes.                                                                  Boys:Black tights or shorts,white leotard, white or black canvas demi-pointe shoes and white socks. Uniforms are to be purchased from Inspiral Ballet. All students should arrive to classes clean and well presented to encourage self-care and pride.Girls hair must be tied back into a ponytail or a bun, no hair should be falling off the face or be loose. Boys hair should be neatly combed back, long hair should be tied back into a pony tail.


Our Approach

Our organisation is helping dancers to achieve their full potential by teaching them a clean postural alignment of the all ballet positions and movements with an artistic focus.

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Dancers will achieve their full potential by breaking their limiting beliefs



Our organisation, Inspiral Ballet, helps dancers to achieve their full potential by teaching clean postural alignment for all ballet positions and movements, principally with an artistic focus. This helps dance students break their limiting beliefs by rewiring neurological patterns into a positive mindset with a mindful approach.

How do we do this? By applying mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and other sciences in a holistic way, allowing the nervous system to unleash new pathways that will aid the manifestation of beauty, simplicity and accuracy of movement for the Inspiral Ballet student with the added benefit of an awakened consciousness.

circles double

Pioneering thinking to give individuals the ability to think in and outside the box



We encourage students to develop their personality and individuality and use this as a foundation for their welfare and future career.

Progressive Understanding:

Pioneering thinking to give the individual sufficient emotional intelligence to think inside and outside the box.


We are training dancers to have artistic qualities built upon a solid technique: to develop perfectly-formed bodies with exquisite, exacting placements.

Widen Our Thinking:

We widen our views, experiences and expertise in classical ballet by engaging and exchanging information with international ballet communities.


We promote high standards of discipline for the body and mind with a conscious, mindful outlook.


We aim to encourage and contribute to the formal educational system by producing well balanced individuals.

We provide students with dynamic tools that allow them to change and transform their mind, body, and movement


The thinking body in motion

A rare opportunity to explore movement through the nervous system using your senses to acquire the wisdom of ballet technique movement and technique.During the course you will be able to understand:

  • The relationship between the mind and body
  • How communication in the nervous system works
  • How feelings and sensations translate into movement
  • Control of body functionality in motion
  • Techniques to improve balance and estability

Understanding how to master the nervous system to improve movement.

This will be a jam-packed workshop plus you will be provided with written information to take away. A certificate for your participation will be issued with your name for the claim of the full three hours of CPD (continued personal development).

Book you place soon, as we only have limited places available. Spaces are £55.00 per person payable through our website Inspiral Ballet.

Our dancers are guided through their journey with compassion, kindness, love and respect as human beings


What is Ballet?

Ballet is an art form that re-creates reality through carefully-selected ideas that are aligned into phrases of movements, perfectly synchronised and expressed with colours, time, tones of music and gestures in space.

Where does Ballet originate?

Ballet originated in Italy during the Renaissance period (c1400-1600) and quickly travelled on to the royal court of France, through the infuence of Catherine de Medici and later by Louis the XIV, who founded the very first ballet academy.

In the Seventeenth Century, ballet transformed from simple court dances to Ballet comique de la Reine to Ballet d’action. Later, this expanded form of ballet spread across the rest of Europe, Russia and the Americas.

Today the art of Ballet is rigorously practised and compels captive audiences throughout the world.

Students are encouraged to develop their personality, individuality and use this as a foundation for their welfare


How Early Should Dancers Start Training?

Dancers can start their training as early as three years old where they are introduced to the art form in an inclusive, fun and accessible environment, in order to advance their creativity, musicality, coordination and various forms of discipline. It is at the age of nine when the body’s nervous system establishes neurospinal connections with the limbs. Students of this age group are able to focus their full attention for longer periods of time, commanding their bodies to perform more complex forms of exercises and movements.

When do girls go on pointe?

Most girls start using pointe shoes between the ages of ten and eleven after a rigorous strengthening of the body and feet that allows full development of all muscles and ligaments. Which supports the longevity of the dancer’s physical health.

Boys in Ballet

Ballet gives boys a tremendous amount of discipline physically and mentally. It expands their emotional intelligence as well as building strength, endurance, musicality, concentration, flexibility and a sense of balance.

How long does it take to become a professional dancer?

Most dancers training lasts for eight years, the first five years at vocational level, where the majority of movement vocabulary is learnt. Then a further three years that trains and enhances the ballet vocabulary of steps and linking steps, through the most complex choreographies in preparation for their professional dancing careers.

We promote a high standard of discipline of the mind and body with a mindful outlook.     …………………………

Vocational Training

Ballet lessons for Vocational and pre-professional level

We ofer group lessons divided into age, physical and ability level. That covers all aspects of the technical and artistic elements of ballet, carefully designed to make students understand their bodies anatomically. Trusting their senses to instinctively understand how the inner and outer body works whilst enjoying the process and directing their bodies safely. Individual lessons are directed to strengthen and improve the core stability, muscles, ligaments and joints. Once placement is achieved and the body is consciously aware of this, we then focus on cleaning technique from the most basic to the most complex steps, getting progressively more challenging. Note that we respect the natural, physical development of the individual student and their health and safety.

Floor barre and fexibility classes

Floor barre classes are designed to increase fexibility, coordination, strength and control. The classes also improve alignment of the spine, hips and turn out. When the body is in a supine transvelsal, frontal or a sajital plane it’s fully supported by gravity. It is easier for dancers to accelerate the kinectic connections with the neurological system and the rest of the body at a deeper level. Therefore the range of movement in joints and ligaments enhance alongside fascia adjustment. The fexibility of the body is the fexibi lity of the mind. Therefore we are teaching the mind to establish a connection with the nervous system to unlock tension points passively. Once the pathways are established then we carefully introduce ballistic, isometric and static stretching providing dancers with strength and fexibility.

Coaching Repertoire

Repertoire is one of the most enjoyable parts of ballet. Dancers are able to express their capabilities, talents, skills, expertise, feelings and emotions during the execution of a solo variation, a pas de deux or corp de ballet. We provide them with the artistic tools to synchronise beauty and technique by placing every gesture into the historic literature content, artistic period, musical rhythm, choreographical phrase, emphasising that technically every step is clean, pure and virtuous.

We are widening our views, experiences, & expertise in classical ballet by engaging & exchanging information with the international ballet community.

Artistic Expansion

Inspiral ballet treats every student as an individual. That’s why we advise pupils and parents on a wide range of global options, carefully designed to meet their specifc needs, synchronising their dreams and ambitions with a realistic presentation of destination options for their future careers.

We help individuals construct a clear plan to work towards their career goals, taking into consideration their training, abilities and aspirations.


     Building awareness of the metabolic relationship  between nutrition and energy levels.         …………………….


Many dancers do not have the understanding of how food affects their intensive training. Inappropriate nutrition can have adverse effects on the body’s natural growth, physical longevity, endurance and stamina. As a consequence of bad nutrition, such dancers are more receptive to injuries, aches, pains and other internal damage.

We advise all our dancers at Inspiral Ballet on how to get the right amount of nutrients that will enhance their vitality, conserve energy and allow them to sustain stronger and healthier bodies. Giving recipes, ideas and food combinations that will help them understand what is best for their body before, during and after training.


We offer a wide variety of workshops covering systemic functionalities of the body and it’s interconnection to a wide variety of sciences. .. ……………


Teachers’Technical Anatomy Workshops

To facilitate the comprehension of movement and their intricacies to a deeper level, teachers need a perceptive knowledge of the human body as a whole to be able to apply it to their students bodies and their technical ballet challenges.

Teachers must look at all the sciences of nature for answers: from the most basic laws of physics to the more complex anatomical kinetic movements.

Inspiral Ballet offers a tailor-made workshop programme for teachers that are interested in going beyond what the eye can see and into more scientifc aspects of anatomy. By dissecting the musculoskeletal system before, during and after each movement and applying the diferent laws of physics to answer every-day questions in the studio, we can carefully structure the geometric alignment of the body, connecting it to the universal laws of mathematics, and finally allowing students to dance safely and securely from within.

Support Us

Inspiral Ballet is committed to producing a series of videos for educational purposes that benefit students, teachers, choreographers and dance practitioners worldwide with information that could be applied in everyday settings towards the advancement of Dance. With your help and support, we can materialize our dreams to bring new information to the dance community.

Any DONATIONS of WHATEVER SIZE will make a difference to the Future of Inspiral Ballet Education. Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated and welcome.

Offers & Courses

We apply and integrate sciences in a holistic way allowing the body and its nervous system to unleash new pathways that will aid the manifestation of artistry, simplicity, accuracy of movement with an awakened consciousness.

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We are available for:

Co-production commission projects. Collaboration with all genders artists, Multimedia, Magazines, Galas Competitions, Bespoke events Motivational & Inspirational Talks.

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