Our Approach

Our organisation is helping dancers to achieve their full potential by teaching them a clean postural alignment of the all ballet positions and movements with an artistic focus.

Dancers will achieve their full potential by breaking their limiting beliefs

circles double

Pioneering thinking to give individuals the ability to think in and outside the box

We provide students with dynamic tools that allow them to change and transform their mind, body, and movement

Our dancers are guided through their journey with compassion, kindness, love and respect as human beings

Students are encouraged to develop their personality, individuality and use this as a foundation for their welfare

We promote a high standard of discipline of the mind and body with a mindful outlook.     …………………………

We are widening our views, experiences, & expertise in classical ballet by engaging & exchanging information with the international ballet community.


     Building awareness of the metabolic relationship  between nutrition and energy levels.         …………………….


We offer a wide variety of workshops covering systemic functionalities of the body and it’s interconnection to a wide variety of sciences. .. ……………

Support Us

Inspiral Ballet is committed to producing a series of videos for educational purposes that benefit students, teachers, choreographers and dance practitioners worldwide with information that could be applied in everyday settings towards the advancement of Dance. With your help and support, we can materialize our dreams to bring new information to the dance community.

Any DONATIONS of WHATEVER SIZE will make a difference to the Future of Inspiral Ballet Education. Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated and welcome.

Offers & Courses

We apply and integrate sciences in a holistic way allowing the body and its nervous system to unleash new pathways that will aid the manifestation of artistry, simplicity, accuracy of movement with an awakened consciousness.

We are available for:

Co-production commission projects. Collaboration with all genders artists, Multimedia, Magazines, Galas Competitions, Bespoke events Motivational & Inspirational Talks.